JacQ's Story

Hello, there!  I'm JacQ!
I am an accountability coach for people who hate to go to the gym.

Through my challenge groups, personal support, and growth opportunities, I'm here shake up your approach to fitness – while making it all feel like one big game!

My loyal groupies have called me “inspiring” and “motivating”. This makes my heart sing!

This is my game face.
When I'm not coaching, you can find me indulging in Eventing (it's like a triathalon for horses), playing with piles of kittens, and watching the occasional bad sci-fi movie.

Dressage phase of Eventing.
There are several phases of my story.  Some of them overlap.  Some of them seem completely unrelated.  All of them have a hand in shaping who and where I am today.  This is my story…

Cross country phase of Eventing.

Turning Point

Stadium jumping phase of Eventing.

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